Coffs Harbour Health Campus live with eRIC

Intensive Care Unit staff
19 June 2017

Coffs Harbour Health Campus has welcomed the electronic Record for Intensive Care (eRIC), making Mid North Coast the state’s first Local Health District (LHD) to use eRIC in all of its Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

Earlier this month, Port Macquarie Base Hospital (PMBH) received the final release of eRIC. Since October 2016, 661 ICU patients have been managed on eRIC.

Stewart Dowrick, Mid North Coast LHD Chief Executive and Executive Sponsor of eRIC, said eRIC is improving the way clinicians care for patients.

“Before the introduction of eRIC, PMBH ICU was a paper-based unit,” said Mr Dowrick. “We now have electronic documentation, medication prescribing, and more effective administration. This has led to enhanced clinical care to patients by improving the quality of support available to ICU clinicians and streamlining the decisions involved with the management of critically ill patients.”

There have been improvements in a variety of areas for ICU clinicians, patients, and data quality, which have improved patient care, and better clinical decision-making. Also, an immediate and significant improvement with compliance of medication forms, in particular ensuring the prescriber’s name and details are clearly visible within the system.”

PMBH’s ICU and the eRIC Program team are proving to be a winning combination, with the teams recently awarded the 2017 Mid North Coast LHD Innovation Award in the Digital Technologies Transforming Health category.

Following the success of eRIC at PMBH, clinicians at Coffs Harbour Health Campus have been gearing up for the 19 June roll-out of eRIC.

Dr Theresa Beswick, General Manager at Coffs Harbour Health Campus, said the shift from paper records to eRIC will improve the way clinicians work.

“ICUs have a lot of data points collected very frequently,” Dr Beswick said. “On paper, you are restricted to the layout of the paper you are writing on, you cannot re-format the data to compare day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and see trends over time.”

“Paper can be misplaced and you can only access it in one location. With eRIC, our ICU clinicians now have full visibility of the patient electronically. For me, this will provide assurance that the clinicians in the ICU looking after our most critical patients have access to the right information, at the right time, to enable them to make the best clinical decisions for our patients’ care.”

eRIC is set to be implemented state-wide across all 43 ICUs. The eRIC Program team is planning go-lives at five ICUs at the end of this year, including the Tweed Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Lismore Base Hospital, Grafton Base Hospital and Blacktown Hospital.

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