A new front door for digital health research projects

Conducting research in partnership with eHealth NSW will be smoother and more transparent now that its Data and Analytics portfolio is coordinating and enabling research projects involving the state’s digital health agency.

This involves centralising and standardising governance for all research projects, although ownership, leadership and delivery of individual research projects remains within research teams.

“What we are doing is coordinating, enabling, and providing standardised governance and reporting,” said Lachlan Rudd, Director of Data and Analytics, eHealth NSW.

“While our portfolio will take an oversight role, we will not be involved with the delivery of research. But, by having a structured process to enable research, it will provide a clear front door for research partners and eHealth NSW staff to undertake research in partnership with eHealth NSW.”

In development is an operating model outlining how internal eHealth NSW groups can make their research more transparent, and how external groups can work with eHealth NSW on research components requiring ICT integration with NSW Health’s corporate and clinical systems.

This model would include key criteria and principles, with consideration on value and benefits for the system, as well as how research could be translated into practice.

“We are keen to work with NSW Health staff in the development of the operating model and we want to ensure that whatever is developed makes it easier to undertake research in partnership with eHealth NSW,” said Mr Rudd.

For research-related enquiries, please contact Heidi Mueller, Research Coordinator for eHealth NSW’s Data and Analytics portfolio: Heidi.Mueller@health.nsw.gov.au

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